Welcome to my galleries. Here you will find paintings which show some of the styles I have painted in over the last couple of years. Most of the pieces were painted outside in all weathers, mostly in East Anglia.  Some were completed once back home. Whilst a few of the paintings shown have been sold and are exhibited in private collections, there are many which are available. If you are interested in finding out more or in purchasing a painting, please contact me for details.

Walking from Diss by Penny Newman

Representative landscapes

These pieces are all painted on site in all weathers, rain or shine. I hope that they convey the sense of place and time, season and activity that I so enjoyed whilst sitting and observing the landscape as I painted.  Each one has a memory...
Poppies by Penny Newman


The bright colours and the flow of flowers when seen outside are so enticing to paint. Sometimes they form a part of a landscape, but sometimes as with these paintings, they just have to play centre stage.
Wicken at dusk

Collage landscapes

A new approach for me has been to work on a number of sketches outside on site using a mix of media which I have then brought back home and collaged together to make a new piece. Through this approach I am seeking to make...
SOLD The beauty of trees

Abstract landscapes

I have become interested in finding different and less obvious ways to convey the colours and atmosphere of places through a less directly representative approach to painting. Through a focus on colour, shape, line and movement I am seeking to share my emotional response to...